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92 pages

Limited Edtion (100 copies)

With contributions by
Mattias Björklund, Alan Marty, Jasmin Storch, Shaila Makonda & Stuart Sandford

... plus A3 poster.


A tribute to ABBA, Cher, Visage, Iggy Pop, Kiss, Patti Smith, Annie Lennox and Tina Turner - Mattias Björklund and Emma Thorstrand restage infamous record covers. Meanwhile, Alan Marty shoots an imaginary glam rock band for their self-titled comeback record „Mister Sister“ - starring Freddie Mercury look-alike Javier des Leon in a secret hideaway within Paris‘ 9th arrondissement. The issue is further enriched with watercolours by French illustrator Shaila Makonda and archive polaroids by artist Stuart Sandford, captured at the Tom of Finland house in Los Angeles.

Unpublished Material #11 FANZINE

14,00 €Price

    Size Guide

    XS (44) 26-28

    S (46) 28-30
    M (48) 30-32
    L (50) 32-34

    XL (52) 34-36

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