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Who will you be wearing tonight - and wake up next to tomorrow?


LAZOSCHMIDL Intimates photographed by Doug Inglish

"OVERDOSE" SS22 collection

Lazoschmidl SS22 Look 22 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 22

Lazoschmidl SS22 Look 20 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 2

Lazoschmidl SS22 Look 23 by Julius Hayes.jpg
Lazoschmidl SS22 Look 08 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 8

Look 23

Lazoschmidl SS22 Look 01 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 1

"IT'S OVER" FW22 collection

Lasoschmidl FW22 Look 01 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 1

Lasoschmidl FW22 Look 15 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 15

Lasoschmidl FW22 Look 11 by Julius Hayes.jpg
Lasoschmidl FW22 Look 12 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 19

Look 11

Lasoschmidl FW22 Look 02 by Julius Hayes.jpg

Look 20


Looking for love or fun?

Silver jewelry... in collaboration with Saskia Diez.

Boys, boys boys! Grab yourself a little fanzine, or two ;)

"Alongside each collection, Lazo and Schmidl have released one-off zines called Unpublished Material. Within the glossy pages, they’ve paid homage to everything from NSYNC to sex tourism."

“Meet the Swedish fashion label using clothes to explore teen eroticism."

HERO Magazine


“Like a Pasolini novel brought to life, merging beach punk, non-conformism and teenage glam.”

L'Officiel Hommes

“A free the nipple moment.”


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